Hom is the place for food, gardening, nature, animals, and discussion. I will not be folding origami napkins, but if you want to know how to make a perfect Margarita, or want to see a cool picture of North America’s only marsupial, I have you covered.

Ovations are not sought, (that said, telling me you like something does joy my heart), but I mention discussion, because I want you to participate. I have always considered recipes “advisory opinions” (unless you’re baking…that’s a science I tip-toe in), and I fully expect both of the following to be true: (1) no matter how creative I think I am, I’m fairly certain that someone out there probably made the same recipe the same way….. and (2) everything is subject to improvement and differing personal tastes. I do not consider modifications to be insults, so please feel free to tell me what worked for you, what did not work, and what you did to make it you’re own.

My goals are simple, enjoy every day, enjoy every bite, enjoy every person, enjoy enjoy enjoy. Whatever brings you your joy, embrace it and be sure to participate in a joy every day, at least once.

Enjoy the day, the moment, the people you surround yourself with, and at the very least, enjoy your sustenance, your food. You really *are* what you eat, so eat what you love. At least a bite, every day.

My greenhouse my joy