Champagne Vinaigrette

Everyone should have a great dressing in their bag of tricks and here comes one…Champagne Vinaigrette.  It is simple to make, yet complex in flavor.  No one will quite be able to figure out what is in it, and that can be your secret.  If you know me, you know that I consider all recipes* (mine included…especially mine) to be “advisory opinions”.  Just a framework for your own art.  We have a rule at our house, #1 at the table…  If my concoction of the day didn’t quite work out as envisioned, or even if it did and the family doesn’t see the genius in the dish (hahaha!), we order pizza no questions asked.    

So when it comes to a recipe, bend it, break it, shrink it or add salt, change it as you see fit, but always have fun and never forget the cream.

Oh, and before I forget…. * = unless you’re baking.  Baking and I have a love/hate relationship and I have long ago learned that those advisory opinions must be strictly followed when baking.  Baking is more akin to engineering, where cooking is more of an art form.  Now before all of you bakers start yelling at me, let me finish.  Baking is precision.  Like the body, beauty can ensure and there is certainly art and creativity in the final product, but getting there requires a lot of weighing, sifting, balancing and, well, exactness.  It is like designing a feris wheel.  Precise. Exact.  “Cooking” on the other hand, is more free-form, more like running barefoot through the petunias while humming “Let you love flow” and, when you trip, you brush off the dust and just keep skipping.  It’s artsy.  You meant to make a marinara but needed a little more flavor?  Okay, add some vodka and cream and now you have a vodka sauce.  No problem.  

Wow, I degres.  Lets get to the recipe.  It’s only a salad dressing for heavens sake.


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