Lacy and Mia, the orphaned fawns

Lacy and Mia are incredible twin girls who were violently born by c-section when their Mother was hit, and killed, by a car. When the police arrived at the scene, the twins were exposed and “born”. Thats where we came in. We received a middle-of-the-night call to rescue the fawns and took custody of them for the evening. We cleaned off the birthing liquids and kept them on heat until the morning, when we turned them over to the wonderful rehabilitator at Centre Wildlife Care.

They are doing just fine!. Lacy and Mia joined other orphaned fawns and will now have a family. When they are all old enough, they will be released and will join a deer herd that frequently visits the fawns during the summers!

First moments after being cleaned of birthing fluid.

If you would like to contribute to their care, which is paid DIRECTLY to Centre Wildlife Care, a registered non-profit, not to me, you can do so here: Thank you!

Lacy and Mia were medically examined due to their traumatic birth and are, surprisingly, not injured! They were fed colostrum their first few meals, and are now able to eat their specialized diet from a bottle.

Eating from a bottle!
Hiding in the the grass.
Resting in her house. This is a large dog crate with the door remove, she is so tiny!

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