About. About? Me? You really want to know? Okay…

Welcome to a place that is always happy to see you!  This is a blog for friends who enjoy good food, drinks, spirits and destinations.  Our destinations will, hopefully, be interesting.  Sometimes a place, sometimes an experience, sometimes a flavor, sometimes something you will only recognize after we arrive…..curious?  Stay tuned.

About me?  I’m honestly not sure what to say or why you would be interested, but I’ll give it a quick shot.  In the end, if you read my blog you can decide for yourself….but be gentle!

Most of the time, we will be in the kitchen, the magical kitchen.  It’s where we receive  sustenance.  Sustenance. A great word.

sus·te·nance  (/ˈsəstənəns/)

  1. Food and drink regarded as a source of strength; nourishment.
  2. The maintaining of someone or something in life or existence: “the sustenance of democracy”.
nourishment – food – maintenance – support – livelihood


Sustenance is necessary.  Gaining it can be simple and beautiful.  I also appreciate simplicity.  I mean, I really appreciate simplicity.  A melodic, graceful word, “simplicity”.  I like simple things.  Things like heavy cream, olive oil, lemons, baking soda, simple syrup, tulips, birds, wheat fields, cow pastures, master recipes, heirloom tomatoes, (can we please start a demand for real tomatoes?), soft sheets, fluffy socks….you see where I’m going.   I appreciate mindless television in the middle of the night and good books.  Halloween might be my favorite holiday.  I love sunshine and snow and spooky weather, especially spooky weather .  I like, no love, hot dark Italian roast coffee every morning, with heavy cream, and hot tea on cold nights.  I love animals, wild & domestic.  I find joy in my cats, I adore my dogs.  I’m a cancer.  I don’t really believe in astrology, but hey, they say cancer’s are homebodies so maybe there is something to it? And finally, while last to be mentioned, family is first in my heart, I love family.  Mine is great.  Not perfect, but great. And if you are my friend, you too are “family.”  Simple.

And don’t let me mislead you, simple is not always easy.  Or quick.  I find pre-made, pre-boxed, chemical-laden to be evil.  There won’t be a place for it here, but you won’t miss it.  I promise.  Nothing is absolute, but this is pretty close.

Again, welcome.  Now I’m off to begin my first post.  Oh, and if you ever have any questions or requests, please ask!

La Bella Vita.  (I’m also trying to teach myself Italian before a trip to Italy scheduled in a few weeks…we will see how that goes.)

Leave a reply if you like, but be positive!

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