Lemon Curd

To me, a curd is lumpy, but not this recipe for traditional lemon curd. This is smooth and lemony without being overly tart. It is great on desserts, cookies, waffles and in hot tea (try it!). It is quite nice to have on hand and can be added to sauces for a citrus kick or in your salad dressings. It is also rather tasty from a spoon.

Veal Demi Glacé

Every kitchen should have a great Demi glacé on hand.  The depth of flavor cannot be replicated, slow roasting and time are crucial to making a deep brown, clear and shiny finished product.  I make this recipe 2-3 times per year, freezing it in small batches for later use. 25 lbs. Veal Bones 8 onions…

Cold Seafood Salad

There are times when salad is good, and there are times when it is fan-freaking-tastic.  This salad is of the second sort, at least I think so; my husband, on the other hand, thinks calamari is “squishy” so he does not enjoy it.  In fact, he doesn’t like any kind of squishy food:  marshmallow or…

Bolognese a/k/a Meat Sauce a/k/a More Please….

One of life’s truisms is that everyone loves pasta, don’t let them tell you otherwise – that is just an attempt to make you walk away from the pasta bowl to save more for them. Honestly.

Breakfast Casserole – gf

this dish fits into the Athletic Training menu, lots of Omega-3 eggs, turkey sausage, a starch and some dairy to start the day.

Candied Walnuts, Pecans work great too, gf

These nuts are fantastically versatile, I use warm winter spices at Christmas and for the boat in the summer I spice them with some heat and salt, which makes the beer even tastier.  You’re in the mood for some Asian food?  Substitute the spices with some Chinese Five Spice with the sugar base.  Yummy.  Oh,…