Must Haves – Tools and Gadgets

I’m a collector of kitchen things. And gardening things. And animal things. Okay, I’m a collector. That said, I do not encourage you to do as I did, as I don’t think I can ever move, the task of packing would be too daunting. However, there are things that I have collected that make cooking more enjoyable. My gadget list, like my pantry list, will grow as it ages (sort of like my waist-line!) and as I find more gadgets, and it may shrink as other things fall out of favor or are replaced.

A potato ricer. It makes the BEST, most fluffy mashed potatoes and should be the only thing you ever use. Have your mashers ever turned into a gooey pile of paste? Most likely because the sharp blades on your electric mixer destroyed the elastic bonds of the proteins. Yep, that’s right, you didn’t overcook the potatoes, you pulverized them unwittingly…a/k/a “it wasn’t your fault!”. Electric mixers have no place near a potato – use a masher or a potato ricer.

Good sturdy flat faced wooden spoons. Several
A good set of kitchen knives and…
A knife sharpener. Using it regularly = happiness.
A metal whisk
A timer with a temperature alert probe.
A hand grater with a slice and at least 2 grate sizes
Small and large rubber spatulas.
A non-porous cutting board dedicated to meat.
A wooden cutting board for everything else.
A Cuisinart food processor. I’ve been using the same one since 1999. It’s worth the cost, get one.
A stand mixer. Okay, this is more of a “should” have than a “must” have, because it is like having a great assistant in the kitchen. Having one lets you move on to other things while it continues to do what you tell it to.
A good set of pots and pans.
A set of stainless steel bowls – multiple sizes.

A citrus juicer.  Hand held is fine, in fact, that’s what I prefer.  My counter doesn’t need another single-purpose appliance to do something that I can do by hand more quickly and with as much efficiency.

2 thoughts on “Must Haves – Tools and Gadgets

  1. OK, so I have questions…Is there a Q and A section? First question. What kind of onions are best to caramelize…Yellow? Vadallia? Large white? Probably for use on a flatbread or pizza…and yes, I am buying pre made dough…or Nann! Don’t judge me…LOL Paula


    1. I just tried to add a Q&A page, I hope it worked! (I’m also going to move your Q to that page.) But before that goes live, it is best to caramelize onions that have a high sugar content like Vidalias or red onions. Regular cooking onions (which I love for cooking as they are quite strong and flavorful) do not have as much sugar, so if that is all you have on hand, sprinkle some white sugar over the simmering onions to assist in the caramelization process.


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