Best Crow Story Ever. A Crazy Lost-and-Found.

After you read this, tell us your favorite Lost-and-Found story.

So I’m going to begin with a story that I will never be able to top, but hopefully, it will be interesting enough to keep you coming back. Wink-wink.

I volunteer at a wildlife rehabilitation center, which means that I am occasionally able to release a rehabbed critter back into the wild. It is a magnificent event. I was recently releasing three crows, one of which we were concerned was too habituated to people and would have to be recaptured. (Wild animals that are too friendly with people are not safe, so they become educational ambassadors.) Nonetheless, we wanted to give this crow a chance to be wild so he was released and we provided a feeding station for him until he learned how to gather his own.

This is where the story gets good….

Upon release, he flew around for a minute, then landed on my husband’s head. This is Tony with the crow on his head. Not a good outcome, but it was the first few moments and not really a surprise. Tony just waved him away and he landed on the feeding station. Great. This is good.

In case you are not familiar with crows, they are the smartest bird in the bird kingdom. The can converse with each other, warn of dangers like a farmer who is shooting them, and they mourn their dead. You are probably aware that they like shiny things. This matters soon.

Then he landed on my head. Bad. I gently swiped him away and he went back to the feeding station. While landing on us is not a good outcome, it is rather sweet when it happens. Especially with this friendly guy.

The crow on my head….

Now, I have been wearing the same pair of diamond earrings for 25 years. (Insert comment about my age here…it’s okay.) And I know, I KNOW, crows like shiny things. But did I put those two things together? Of course not. You know what happened next, the crow hopped only my shoulder, grabbed an earring, and flew off into a tree. A very high tree. I grabbed my ear and sure enough, I found the earring back but the diamond stud was gone. Gone and in a tree. A very high tree.

Because the crow a bit too friendly, I posted a note on NextDoor (a neighborhood app for any of you not familiar with it), that merely informed my neighbors that I released a crow and that if anyone was bothered by a “too friendly” crow I asked that they contact me so that I could recapture it for his own benefit. Two days later I received a call from that there was a crow landing very near her husband as he worked in the yard. I sighed and told her the story, and said I would be right over to capture him as he wasn’t wild anymore. Then, {insert suspense music here….} I told her that while I didn’t want to mention the jewelry on NextDoor, I had to warn her that if she was wearing any jewelry, she should remove it because he took my diamond earring.

She then said, “you’re not going to believe this, but the crow regurgitated on my patio chair and I commented to my husband that I thought there was something shiny in it.” I lost my breath and asked her to not touch it until I arrived. I grabbed a jar of sanitizer and jumped in my car.

I arrived at their house with my net and carrier in hand, but the crow was gone. So we got to know each other a bit and then she showed me the regurgitation and sure enough….you know where this is going…. I found my diamond!

I couldn’t make this up…..

And that is my story.

And the Crow? We never saw him again, so in my heart, I believe he accepted being wild and he is now living his life as it was intended to be lived. And I’m happy for him.

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  1. kitticarriker says:

    Faith, that is too crazy! Here is my story about losing a diamond stud — not to a crow, but at O’Hare Airport, when my son Ben was 18 months old (1991). Unlike your earring, mine never did turn up. But here’s what happened this past summer (2019), when Ben (now 29 years old) and his wife Cathleen were traveling through O’Hare: they found not one but two diamond studs stuck in the carpet! Both studs were slightly different than my original, but close enough! I’m pretty sure that O’Hare has changed its carpets since 1991, and that my original is gone for good. Still, what are the odds that nearly three decades after little Ben accidentally lost my original, he would find another for me, in nearly the same spot?

    Here’s my blogpost about the original loss:

    I have not yet updated to include Ben & Cathleen’s recent finds, but you have inspired me to add the necessary coda: that which was lost is found! Qell, kind of! But in your case, for real!


    1. Faith says:

      That’s fabulous! Thanks for sharing. I hope readers click your link, you are gifted at telling compelling stories. Many years ago, 20ish, I found a shiny stone on an overbooked Amtrack Acela from D.C. to NYC. It was like a cattle car, no open places for luggage, no seats for people cramming in, and everyone was on edge. Still, after stowing my bag I finally found an aisle seat; I always choose a window, but it was too crowded. I grabbed my book to settle in for the ride and something shiny got my attention. The ferret in me got up, picked up the stone, which looked like a diamond, and I told myself I would take it to my jeweler when I returned to D.C. and learn if it was real or a CZ. As I was putting it in my purse, I noticed that the setting on my engagement ring was empty. I found my own diamond before I knew it was missing. I was in the middle of my divorce at that time but was struggling with taking off my engagement ring. Not because I didn’t want to be divorced but because I didn’t want to be thought of as single. I took this to be a sign….and when I returned to D.C. I did take the stone to my jeweler as planned, but I knew it was real and instead of seeking information on its providence, I had it turned into a cocktail ring by adding two blue topaz earrings that I received as a gift on the sides of the stone, and filling it in with little diamond chips bringing out the ferret in me. Pic will soon follow as this exchange has encouraged me to begin a new project called “lost-and-found” where people can tell their stories too. This crow story, which I repeat to anyone who listens, always results in another great lost-and-found story being shared back. 🙂 . Thank you, again, for sharing!

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