Wild Things

Wilds. I have several loves in my life – my family, of course; cooking, obviously; gardening, it soothes my soul; and…..and this is a huge one, wild things. Wild animals, wild walks, wild weather, wild things. This area will focus on the wilds in my life.

I will tell you stories of the wild in my yard, the wilds we see in our travels, and the wilds I work with as a volunteer in wildlife rehabilitation.

Love of wildlife is firmly in my DNA, but I do realize that to some, it is a guilty pleasure. Not everyone will understand my affinity for our yard opossums, for instance, but if you brave through my short stories, you may find that you share my affinity after all. And if not an affinity, at least a new appreciation.

Do no harm. If nothing else, when in contact with wilds, first please do no harm. Every creature has a purpose, every creature, no matter how creepy, scary, mean, or ugly, is critical to its environment – which is our environment.


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